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Alternative tells a story that takes you into a world very different from what you would expect in 2045. A world destroyed by war and revolution, a world ruled by a cruel and oppressive dictatorship.
Richard Rocek lives in this world with one goal: not to be noticed and to survive. Everything up to the moment when he rebelled against the system and decided to join the resistance, people who dared to say “No”, as he did. Unfortunately, nothing is as simple as that and when it comes into contact with the rebels, Richard is accused of murder …

Alternative tells a story of people to whom fortune has turned its back. A story in which the will to power is always stronger and destroys respect to any form of humanity. But everyone has a chance to redeem themselves and it is only the conscience of each one to decide how to use it.
Murder of one, power of few, betrayal of all.

Genre: Thriller/Sci-fi
Platform: PC/DVD-ROM
Release date: November 2010
Price: € 24,90
Language: Italian

– A science fiction thriller set in a vast and detailed world
– Ability to control three characters in many branches of the main plot
– More than 120 areas to explore
– Two levels of difficulty
– Multiple choice dialogues that can change the course of events
– Original Soundtrack