Black Mirror 2

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  • Italian

Black Mirror 2The adventure takes place twelve years after the events narrated in the prequel, adventure bestseller in Italy, with a new protagonist: Darren, a young student employee in a photo studio in the town of Bidderford, Maine. After seeing a terrible episode, Darren begins to be plagued by frequent nightmares, while a trip will take him to Willow Creek in England, near an ancient castle called “Black Mirror”…

Genere: Adventure/Thriller
Piattaforma: PC/DVD-ROM
Uscita: 22 May 2010
Prezzo: € 29,90
Lingua: English/Italian
Sito ufficiale:

– Plot fully integrated into continuity Black Mirror
– More than 100 beautifully detailed scenarios and 40 characters
– Animation, motion capture
– Over 10 hours of dialogue and soundtrack orchestral
– Dozens of extras and bonus material to unlock, armed with camera Darren

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