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Melvin is a guy like many others, with a vivid imagination and a strong curiosity. One day, seeking shelter from the rain, he accidentally stumbles into a candle shop run by Mr. Teeth. The old man, immediately realizing the magic hidden in the young talent, he decided to offer the possibility of a trip to the wonderful world of Tallen to learn the ancient magic of light. In exchange for this opportunity, the boy must face his greatest fears. After some confusion, Melvin decided to accept … and the adventure begins!

Genre: Fantasy
Platform: PC/DVD-ROM
Release date: November 2010
Price: € 24,90
Language: Italian

– Immerse yourself in a thrilling fantasy story, full of quirky characters and plot twists.
– Discover the magical effects of light and darkness on the world of Everlight, with the alternation of day and night in real time.
– Track your progress with an innovative scoring system and integrated aid.