Face Noir

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The Black Thursday. That is how the press rechristened that October 24th, 1929, a day in which U.S. began to face the darkest years of his history: the Great Depression years. All the great values professed by this nation vanished within a couple of months, the American dream was dead and trust in God begun to shake.
Few years had been enough for people to show their real side: false, mean and, above all, open to bribery. But the one thing I would have never imagined is how far corruption had gone; so far that somebody would actually try to bribe God.
And now here I am, a gun barrel pointed at me, a corpse on my conscience, and a young lady to protect. How could this ever happen? How is it possible that everything has stemmed from a series of coincidences?
Do you believe in Destiny? …I don`t.

Noir Atmosphere – Let yourself be swallowed up by the atmosphere of a murky night in the New York of the 30s, among rain, skyscrapers and Jazz music.
Non-linear gameplay -Live the present, but don`t forget about the past. Experience it again through flashbacks and piece the course of events together or, if you are able…change it.
Innovative thinking mode – Gather info, verify and link it in order to find out the truth… or at least use it to your own advantage.
3D inventory -Use the 3D Inventory, examine objects and find out by yourself which are the details worth lingering over.
Fully interactive puzzles – Use your mouse as if it were your hand: rotate, move and interact directly with objects.
Explore New York -Get drunk in Lower East Side`s pubs, stride along the back lanes of Harlem`s streets, get lost in the abandoned docks of Brooklyn, visit the Upper East Side, Central Park, Hoboken e several other places.
Characters -Talk to the more than 20 characters you are going to meet. But don`t trust anybody. Honesty is a luxury that few can afford in this city.

Genre: Adventure / Noir
Platform: PC DVD-ROM
Release date: 02.28.14
Price: € 19,99
Language: Italian