Hospital Manager

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Hospital Manager
Recruit and choose your doctors and employees, build services of your choice, manage your finances! Rather thrifty spender instead? You prefer to pamper your patients rather than your banker? Make decisions that suit you!
You have many tasks to complete, littered with all kinds of epidemics, patients with diseases such as disconcerting zombie disease, syndrome or chewbacca virus moon-walk. Be careful: many events as exterminate alien microbes or stop contamination toads will spice up your ascent!
Personalize your hospital in every detail, purchase of high tech equipment, choose the rooms that will make your hospital the most run establishment!

– Enjoy a complete management of your hospital: You’re in control!
– Build your reputation with very diverse factors
– Fill surprising and varied tasks
– Switch to an explosive universe cartoon style 3D and pathologies and unusual situations!
– Enjoy a non-linear adventure: each decision will lead to different consequences depending on when the action was taken.
– A rich artificial intelligence system adapts the behavior of patients at each of your actions and decisions!

Genre: Managerial
Platform: PC CD-ROM
Release date: March 28, 2014
Price: € 9,99
Language: Italian