Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor – Ch. 2: The Village

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Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitore - Cap. 2: Il Villaggio
1364 A.D. Nicolas Eymerich, with absolute powers of inquisition, comes to the village of Calcares, as the mission received from Carcassonne Abbot Vinet.
The village is decimated by the plague, an abnormal shape and terrible, which manifests itself as a degradation of the meat in men, and horrible pregnancies in women. And terrible nightmares … the presence of demonic creatures. But Eymerich not give up. Rediscover an old friend, Father Jacinto Corona from Valladolid, and will use all his intelligence, all his cruelty, and his unwavering faith in the fight against evil!

– A breathtaking plot against the backdrop of dark atmospheres and typical of the medieval romances of Valerio Evangelisti
– Completely dubbed in Italian, with subtitles in Italian and Latin
– Graphics Engine 2.75 D, with Full HD support
– Sub-ambient sounds with 3D audio, with support for 5.1 home theater
– Mode “retrogame” with text parser
– Tons of puzzles and dozens of environments to explore

Genre: Adventure / Mystery
Platform: PC/MAC DVD-ROM
Release date: May 2014
Price: tba
Language: Italian