Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor – Ch. 1: The Plague

  • English
  • Italian

Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitore - Capitolo 1: La Peste
Eymerich is called to investigate an obscure case, beyond heresy, that reveals a new face of Evil. He must tackle many arduous tasks. He must make many painful choices. He must take on terrible creatures. But his burning determination will overcome the Plague and his worst nightmares.

– Extraordinary 2,75D graphics (a new original teqnique), full-HD; widescreen resolutions supported
– Original character and story (really a bad guy…)
– 3 different game modes (adventure, interactive novel, accessibile/audiogame)
– Rich 3D audio environments (best in home theatre 5.1)
– From 6 to 8 hours of gameplay
– Optional text driven input (issue commands with keyboard, for retrogame fans)
– Easter-egg-based secret mechanism for high longevity… try to make full 100/100 score!
– More than 20 different puzzles and minigames
– Over 30 full-detailed environments

Genre: Adventure / Thriller
Platform: PC DVD-ROM
Release date: 09.06.2013
Price: € 24,99
Language: Italian, English, Latin