Still Life Trilogy

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Still Life Trilogy
Paris, the 20s – The private investigator Gustav MacPherson was hired by the mysterious Sophia Blake to investigate the murder of his sister and her husband.
Chicago 2003 – The FBI agent Victoria MacPherson is on the trail of a faceless murderer, in a case that has amazing similarities with the investigation of his grandfather Gustav.
Maine, 2008 – Victoria was transferred to Maine, to follow a new trail of blood. But this time there is a second person to carry out an investigation “on his own”: the journalist Paloma Hernandez.

– All surveys Gus MacPherson and Victoria for the first time together in a remastered version!
– Surveys, puzzles and twists, for a total of over 60 hours of gameplay!

Genre: Thriller
Platform: PC DVD-ROM
Release date: December 2, 2013
Price: € 14,99
Language: Italian