Tale of a Hero

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Tale of a Hero will put you in the shoes of the young Olaf, son of Halfard, a famous warrior and Eagle Mountains’ Lord. Olaf will have to explore many lands of the kingdom of Aldiara, to find the icy giant Krugell, defeat him and rescue the kidnapped princess.

Olaf will be attended by many strange characters who live in Aldiara: Nausitans (fishmen from the seaworld), Divians (little blue creatures from the icy lands), trolls, krakens, giants, mud animals and many others.

Thanks to Tale of a Hero, the Adventure rediscovers its own old and epic roots!

Genere: Adventure Fantasy
Piattaforma: PC/DVD
Uscita: 02-26-2009
Prezzo: € 24,90
Lingua: Italian subtitles
Sito ufficiale: www.futuregames.cz/taleofhero/en

– Tons of objects to find and combine, so you can solve tons of riddles!
– Original soundtrack
– About 110 beautiful backgrounds
– Lots of dialogue lines, old books to read and many informations about the incredible big world of Aldiara!

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