theHunter 2014

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theHunter 2014
Go hunting with your friends in multiplayer with up to 8 players – or explore six diverse and immersive hunting reserves in the world of theHunter.
Use natural cover to avoid detection by the animals, pay attention to the soundscape and keep an eye on the wind direction. Track animals by identifying scat, blodd trails, animal calls and grunts. You will have to use your instincts and all the tools you have in order to hunt one of the 15 species of animals.
Each successful action will improve your skills, allowing you to shoot and hunt more efficiently.
From now on, you can become the best hunter in the world.

– Play online with your friends.
– Explore an immersive open world.
– Hundreds of missions.
– Earn achievements and trophies.
– Track your progress online.
– More than 40€ worth of premium features in the starter pack: 6 months membership, access to 6 huge reserves, hunt 10 new different species, exclusive equipment and weapons.

Genre: Hunting FPS
Platform: PC DVD-ROM
Release date: 10.28.2013
Price: € 19,99
Language: Multilanguage