From “The Name of the Rose” to “The Abbey”: when the writing breaks schemes

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Adventure Productions, the publishing division of Adventure’s Planet Srl, is pleased to present the cultural event entitled:

“The Name of the Rose” to “The Abbey”:
when the narrative departs from the norm.

The meeting, organized in collaboration with videogame archive of the Bologna Cinematheque, will take place Thursday, October 15th, at 20:30, inside the library “Renzo Renzi (for further information, please inspect the site of Film Library of Bologna:

The content of the event focused on the analysis of the adventures that have historically marked a turning point in the approach to the question of narrative in the gaming world, creating new forms of cross-media and setting new standards in the development of screenplays. The retrospective will conclude with the presentation of The Abbey – the new license plate Adventure Adventure Productions, outgoing October 20 – in part loosely based on The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco.

Speakers: Adriano Bizzoco , Head of Marketing, Events and Communication of Adventure Productions, and Federico Cinelli, a staff member of Adventure’s .

Cineteca di Bologna 1Cineteca di Bologna 2The Abbey alla Cineteca di Bologna

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