Anacapri – The Dream contest

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Pescara, 30-06-2007, Italy.

A contest is set for the players of Anacapri the Dream. The first 3 people in the world to solve the game will win a parchment certificate of their skill signed by the authors, a copy of the Audio-CD “Poco dopo Mezzanotte” with the original soundtrack of the games produced by S-G Software, and a deck of Neapolitan cards to play Scopa.

To enter the contest send an e-mail to with:

– the number of the last scene of the game
– the last 6 words pronounced by Mirta Marconi
– an attachment with a proof of purchase of the game
– the full name of the player

All people involved in reviews or beta test or walkthrough of Anacapri the Dream are excluded from the contest. The contest expires on July 31st, 2007.

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