It is the reserved area for the users who own games published by Adventure Productions. Here you will find added contents for your games, contest, prizes and amazing sales.
The contents are vary varied and their number will increase in time. We go from digital contents like artwork, OST and strategy guides, to merchandise and videogames.
No. Beyond what it has been written so far, you will find keys to redeem free digital copies or at a special price on Steam or Zodiac. And then we will have prize and contents available only using Adventure Points.
Anyone. But you will need to accumulate Adventure Points using the codes included in your games to access the special contents area.
The Adventure Points (indicated as "AP") are allocated anytime you register a product made by Adventure Productions, inserting the alphanumeric code included in the packaging. You can spend it freely to unlock the extra contents of the games you brought or accumulate them to get redeem code or exclusive prices.
Starting from 2015, you can find it in all the boxed games produced by Adventure Productions.
In the Premium Area homepage, there is a special box where you can insert the code. After the redeem, you will receive the Adventure Points corresponding to your game. You can always keep track of your Adventure Points in the Premium Area homepage.
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